Club Philosophy

Welcome to PV Comets

At PV Comets we have a strong reputation as a club that values good sportsmanship, develops friendships within sport, promotes self- confidence, personal achievement and most of all having fun playing the sport we love. PV Comets has a commitment to all age groups and recognises the value and importance of all levels of development

Our success is not solely measured by winning, it is also measured by:

         Personal development and growth

         Development of individual and team netball skills

         Development of team spirit

         Acceptance of team mates and working in a cohesive manner

         Continuing participation in netball

         Acceptance of club decisions

         Contribution to the netball community

         Playing and holding a position in the highest division possible for each age group.

         Continually working to develop connections and transition between junior, intermediate and senior teams within the club

Club Philosophy

To provide every player, coach, administrator and umpire the opportunity to achieve the greatest heights in netball. We encourage netball players at any level of the game to reach their full potential. We provide every member of the club with the opportunity to develop their netball, leadership and sports administration skills in a friendly, supportive environment with a positive sporting spirit.

While acknowledging the culture of sportsmanship, dignity and respect we strive to develop a winning culture and pride ourselves on offering all players a pathway to higher divisions of netball.


Specific club goals

1To be competitive in Division One of the Parkville Premier league Competition(s.)

2. To maintain a minimum of two 17 and under teams, two 15 and under teams and 2 Open representative teams, in the highest Divisions (i.e. OPEN Division 1 and Division 3, 15’s A & B). Also, maintain two 13 and under teams and one 11 and under team to participate in tournaments.

3. To promote on and off court behaviour from our players, coaches, administrators and supporters that is of the highest standard and which will further develop positive relations within the club.

4. To develop and promote attitudes and behaviour in the club that enhances our reputation within our netball community.

5. To support and enhance the skills of our coaches so they can assist in developing the skills of the players in the club.

6. To further develop the skills of all players through training and feedback.

7. To continue to foster a positive relationship between the Club representative teams.

8. To provide opportunities for players to play at the highest level of netball in and outside our club: NE Blaze Academy, LOUD tournaments, Jika and NFL

9. Talent identification of PV Comets representative players within our junior ranks.

10. Provide a real pathway for aspiring players and volunteers

11. Ingrain the PV Comets Philosophy in our netball club.

12. Develop a winning culture in each team.

13. To maintain a financially viable club

14. To provide a solid committee and club infrastructure

15. To encourage the transition of club players to club coaches and officials.


We will achieve these goals through

     Treating others with dignity and respect.

     Acting always in a sportsmanlike manner.

 Being well presented by wearing the club uniform.

   Acting in a manner that is consistent with the ideals of the club and in support of the rules and regulations set down by the sport’s governing bodies.

   Providing coaches and facilities to the highest possible standard for all teams.

  Providing a pathway for players to reach the highest possible representative level; and

• Promoting a culture of support and inclusiveness among players, coaches, supporters and administrators.  


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